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Wow, total public violence of the bus today.

The bus-driver got into an argument with two drunk high-schoolgirls. All fine and well, but it rather escalated when the bus-driver started to yell "sluts" at the girls. After that things went downhill rather fast and cumulated in psychical violence...

Luckily - while I was still digesting how the hell this escalated so all of sudden, and who exactly was the instigator: the drunk girls or jerk driver - some older couple acted quickly and got the girls of the bus and the driver back in his seat.

The driver was in his full right the kick the extremely annoying beer-drinking girls of the bus, but while the girl were actually more than willing to leave the bus, instead of opening the doors the driver got up and walked to the backdoors, after which the girls started drunkenly to try and justify their behavior.

Somehow this discussion ended in the driver starting (racially motivated, I fear) to yell "sluts" at them. The girls consequently started freaking out. There might have been some pushing and shoving, and all of a sudden the driver started to full out hitting them.

I retrospect I feel sort of guilty a bit for not doing anything - like the older couple did - but as I believed that both the girls and the driver were guilty of obnoxious behaviour, I really didn't know how the handle such a situation.

Luckily the world didn't have to wait for me to figure it out, and everything just ended with beer al over the place (which one of the girls threw at the bus, after they had gotten off).